5% de descuento en tu seguro IATI por ser lector de SaltaConmigo.com

5% discount on IATI travel insurance 2024 (promo code)

Over the years, we have bought travel insurance from many different companies, but on our year-long trip to South America and Antarctica we chose IATI travel insurance and since then it has been with us on all our adventures. Since that trip, and the positive experiences we have had using it, we also recommend IATI travel insurance to our readers. Thanks to that, IATI Insurance offers you a 5% discount on your travel insurance.

As we have already said on more than one occasion, we always travel with insurance on our trips abroad, to be more relaxed and not to worry more than necessary if we have any problems –and we have had some, fortunately never serious ones–. Well, and also not to worry about money, because breaking a leg in the USA can cost you more than the whole trip…

Where do I find the 5% discount code or promo code for IATI insurance?

You don’t need any IATI insurance promo code or discount code, just click on this link or on the banner below to get a 5% discount on IATI insurance prices.

Banner IATI Ingles

When you click on it, you will enter the home/main page of IATI travel insurance website and, by choosing the country/countries you are going to visit and the dates you are interested in, you will get to another page where you will see the original price of the insurance crossed out and the final price with the 5% discount already applied.

Discount Code IATI

The 5% discount applies to all types of IATI travel insurance: on the same page where you find the price, you can see all the types of insurance that IATI offers with their coverage:

  • IATI Basic: IATI’s cheapest travel insurance, with a cover of 50,000 € for medical expenses and basic cover. It is recommended for short trips to nearby destinations.
  • IATI Standard: medium level cover, with 300,000 € medical expenses.
  • IATI Backpacker: if you are a backpacker and you like to travel on your own for long periods of time with some adventure and taking a lot of technology with you, this is your insurance, 500,000 € of medical expenses, upgrades such as adventure sport, search and rescue, and computer equipment in your luggage.
  • IATI Star (the one we used on our year-long trip to South America and Antarctica and recommended for the USA, Canada, Japan and all long trips): IATI’s most comprehensive travel insurance, with 1,000,000 € of medical expenses for peace of mind even with more serious problems. For a little extra you can be covered for 4,800,000 €!
  • IATI Cancellation Premium: a travel cancellation insurance which covers travel cancellation expenses up to 6,000 €.